"Young Religious ought to enter blogs and correct the opinions of the youth, showing them the true Jesus" - Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar for Rome

Sunday, August 5, 2007

To the God of Heaven give thanks!

In the name of the Lord who loves us, peace.

That beautiful greeting is taken from a Letter attributed to St Barnabas from this morning's Office of Readings. Indeed He loves us, and that love is the source of our peace. Not peace without struggle and warfare, but PEACE always and in all circumstances because of His Love. We pray this has been a blessed week for all of you and we are so grateful for the hundreds of people who have visited the blog, and given us their support and comments. We have received a lot of great questions and we will try to address one or two of them at the end of each blog. So make sure you persevere to the end!!!

The Solemnity of Our Holy Mother St Clare is almost upon us (August 11th), and we are now in the midst of her Novena. I hope you are all joining us for these 9-days of prayer asking for her intercession in the Church, our world and in our daily lives. (see our website http://www.desertnuns.com/ )

On to NUN NEWS : We have officially entered into the Monsoon season here in Arizona having a storm almost every night this week. Yes, it really does rain in the desert. For those who have never experienced one, you're missing out. It's similar to watching a thunderstorm over the ocean, except we watch them come over the mountains. The sky becomes very dark, and everything is still.Then come the winds, and boy do they blow. Sometimes you have all the fanfare, but no rain. However, that has not been the case this week. Our leaky roof can attest. (no worries, it's the leak that won't be fixed; we have successfully confounded many roofers.)

This past Monday, we had our first slithery visitor of the year. Besides being the largest snake we have ever seen on our property, it is also the first of the summer (although Sr. Fidelis thinks she may have heard another one when she was in the garden picking cantaloupes). We performed our usual routine, which we have down to an art. Someone is posted to stand guard and watch the reptile, while another sister calls our heroes at the Black Canyon Fire Dept. to come and relocate the critter. Everyone else not engaged in any of the duties listed above stands around saying 'Ick" or 'EWWWWW" until the snake is taken away, and we all breathe a sigh of relief. However, this week our sigh of relief did not last to long as Fatty, one of our big cats (he's actually the skinniest) was bit by a rattlesnake sometime Monday night, or Tuesday day. He is in the clear, but is being quarantined with our two kittens (which might end up throwing him over the edge) and can't go outside until he is finished with his medicine. We're very grateful and happy he is on the mend. You can see his photo above.

Finally, on to some of your questions. *Someone asked if when a girl joins our community here in Arizona, will she spend some of her formation time in Hanceville, AL? The answer is no. The girls that join here, will stay here. Each community of the PCPA'S are what is called autonomous. Which means simply that although all our houses follow the same Rule, each house is independent of the others and has it's own major superior and internal governance. We do not go from house to house. A nun will usually remain in the house she joins unless, like in our circumstance, a new foundation is started.

*We were asked what exactly happens when people email their prayer requests. We have a sister who handles all the prayer emails, and she reads them as she prints them out. After entrusting them to the sisters prayers, they are placed in a special drawer in the altar and are remembered at the sisters' adoration hours and communal prayer times. They remain in the altar for at least six months. Because the heart of a contemplative is open to all the needs of the world, each intention is dear to us.

All the sisters are well. We're still going full steam ahead on the building project. So much of building is waiting, which none of us really excel at, but with God's grace we're growing in patience. Everything has it's time, and patience obtaineth ALL things.

I think it's time to wrap it up for this week. As you keep up with us through these weekly blogs, please be assured of our accompanying each one of you through your week by our prayers and union in and with Christ's Mystical Body.

In the Heart of Jesus and Mary,

Sr Mary Blogger


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea Sisters! You've started it off with a great blog. With the info about feast days and building up-dates you will be able to instruct the faithful as well as keep everyone updated on the progress of your monestary and Sisters. Thank-you. I will keep coming back to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have seen your lovely place and land of Arizona from my laptop. From one year ago, when I discovered EWTN, sometimes I follow the celebration of the Holy Mass on Internet, admiring your fidelity to the Liturgy. Best wishes from Murcia, a land in the southeast of Spain, with a landscape very similar to the one of Arizona and California (where our ancestors founded that lovely missions of San Diego, Santa
Bárbara,...) Here, on Spain, and almost all Europe, we suffer a lack of religious vocations, and a strange coldness -"chaotic" liturgy on many churchs; nuns, priests, monks, that doesn't wear their sacred dressing... But we
must pray for it.
God bless you (and God bless America).
Paz y bien.
Pedro A.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! love the blog.

Anonymous said...

love reading the comments by sister blog.
ewtn and mother angelica helped bring me back to the church after
a run in with a nasty priest.
he has since been transferred
i should have waited him out as a
penance and not have quit God.
i am back on track and feel closer to God than ever.
i am thankful for those nuns and priests who have remained faithful
to the Word.
my prayers are for all of you.
greetings from the cool 65 degrees
of the pacifice northwest
on the coast of the state of wa., gerry bonner

Anonymous said...

Great Work, keep it up!

Barbara Griffith Moffett said...

Thank you, Sisters, for sharing through a blog. I agree with the previous commenter who observed you will be able to instruct the faithful in so many ways, great and small, as you share your faith and your mission.
We will rejoice with you tomorrow on the Feast of Saint Clare, also my husband's patron saint.
Barbara, Steve, and Chris

dr.b said...

Dear Sisters: I have followed you PCPA's since 1987, the year I was widowed. It was many times true that Mother's beautiful creation of EWTN reminded me that Holy Mother Church was still alive and well, and always there to sustain me. In the terrible years after my beloved husband's violent death, I many times wanted to commit suicide to escape the agony of being without my beloved Brian.

But through EWTN: the Church was there, and her commandments were there, and Jesus and Our Blessed Mother were there. And so I didn't commit that sin. And I know that was due to the unceasing prayers of you holy enclosed contemplative nuns, who save the world-and saved me-every single day.

Never doubt you do this, dear Sisters. And may I thank you for saying 'Yes!' to your beautiful vocation?

God Bless you and Mary keep you-
Kathy Brown, Esq.

Roy said...

Dear Sisters,
Many thanks for including us who are at a physical distance from your monastery into your family by means of your web site and blog.
Your sharing the news and happenings of Our Lady of Solitude allows us to identify in a special way with your foundation.
You touch so many more hearts and souls than you know!
God bless and please pray for us who read your web site and blog.
Oh ... and snakes ... yuck! (I know they were created by God, but I'm not sure why.)

Anonymous said...

God Bless You, Sisters you're truly an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi sisters, I love your web site and added it to my "favorites" on my computer. When I am feeling blue or anxious, I log on to here or EWTN, say some prayers or read about your holy work...it makes me feel better and gets me back to what is important. Thank you for all your hard work and vocations!

Jim T. said...

I'm a junkie in recovery.
When all was dark, I could listen to mother and the sisters pray the Rosary. I could make it through another few more minutes that way.

I went through RCIA and am confirmed now. This Sunday at mass I had a very deep experience.
I'm so thankful for the sisters and all those who pray for the world.


Jim and Kathy said...

Dear Sister, Thank you for introducing us to blogging, like you we didn't know anything about it. We love hearing about your beautiful life. You are always in our prayers, we love you dearly. We thank JESUS for all of you!!!! In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,Jim and Kathy Reid

Esteban Mendez said...

Dear Sisters in Christ, What a clever idea to get out there and share your blog and to spread the gospel, your prayers and letting everyone know about yourselves. I would have loved to see the excitement on our beloved Fr. Kevin's face. Fr. Kevin would have loved to get online with me and see what is out there on your websites. Keep it up and make yourselves visible for others who can't be near you. Love, peace and joy-Esteban

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

I am not a Catholic and am not familiar with all the terminology, but am a Christian and find the words of wisdom on your site (plus the committment you have made with your lives) very inspiring.

I visit the site about once a week, have followed your trek to Arizona and have even made some donations to your building project. Your hearts are so dedicated to the Lord, thank you so much for getting His word out there and being such an example for all those following our Lord Jesus.
Thank you for your diligent prayers.

Kayla Valinski said...

Im so sorry to hear about the poor cat. I absolutely adore animals and it kills me to see or hear about one who is hurt or died. I am glad the he/she is stable. You sisters are amazing I only wish I could be one in christ like you. I hope to be there with you someday.

Maria Coates said...

Dear Sisters thank you for your Newsletter sent to me here in rainy England. Life was stressful when your Newsletter came, but I have to say I felt much better having read all your news. It's great that young nuns are blogging, I shall spread the news.

God bless all you do for the Good Lord.

Much love Maria

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters, Please could I ask you to pray for my son Alan as he is in terrible danger from someone's serious acts of ill-will? Thank you. God bless you