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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cats and Mice, Franciscan Friends? :-)

Hi Everyone! This is Sr. Blogger Marie :-) I am "pinch-blogging" this week. Things have been really busy here at OLS. But we didn't forget about you all. We have just been temporarily detained from our computers lately. Unfortunately our cats haven't been chasing the right mice. As you can see from the picture here our cat Fatty is more enthralled with Sr. Fidelis' computer mouse than the ones we found leaving their "trail" in our house. Yes, we have had to do a bunch of house cleaning this week. We aren't sure exactly what is suddenly bringing the little rodents inside. Perhaps it's the crisp Fall weather we have begun experiencing. (Phew, what a relief the cooler weather has been. I am talking Arizona cool - mid 80's) Or, as most people have told us, the mice are just part of desert living.

Regardless of why they are coming in, we are so grateful to our dutiful friar brothers, Fr. Dominic and Br. Pio, who worked diligently to seal off any openings or pathways the critters could be using to get access to our little abode. Fr. Dominic and Br. Pio came out for a week from Alabama to visit us and they were happy to help out wherever needed. We appreciated their help, but even more we enjoyed their fellowship. They brought an extra dose of Franciscan joy to us. Thank you Fr. Dominic and Br. Pio for everything! Can't wait till your next trip West.

Speaking of Franciscan joy, on the 25th we began the novena to Our Holy Father Francis in preparation for his feastday on the 4th. Actually we will begin, in Franciscan fashion, by celebrating on the eve of the 3rd with the Transitus, which is the commemoration of the death of St. Francis. We are remembering in a special way the intentions of those who submitted prayers to us for the novena.

I just remembered something. This is totally off the subject and really a random "factoid" but our garden is still producing. A couple ears of corn were finally ready for picking the other day. They were (literally) about 4 inches long, but we boiled them up and they were tender and yummy. These little fruits of the earth continue to show us God's providence toward His children. I think St. Francis would be pleased.

It was so fun being with you! But I have to get going. Being about the "Father's business" is always eventful and exciting. :-) Sr. Mary Blogger will be back again next week. I am sure she will have lots to share.

As always, you remain in our prayers before Jesus. Thanks for all your love and support. May Our Holy Father St. Francis intercede for you and your intentions. -Sr. Blogger Marie


Anonymous said...

Hi sisters, although I wouldn't wish it on you, it made me feel a kinship to be fighting mice right along with you. : )First cooler weather in the east and I spotted the "signs"...in-between finding our welcome mats, I'll be praying for you all and awaiting more news from the desert!
God bless you all!

Jim T. said...

I'm eating four inch long corn too and I also have an oportunity to eat little hard green balls that are supposed to be tomatoes.
I'm thinking that my dirt is depleted of essential nutriants.

I'm not bitter about it just scratching my head this year. The Northwest summer weather has been super strange

Anonymous said...

Ah....just be the pied piper, dont hurt the little mice tell them if they leave you will feed them so then they wont have to be coming back for food.

As a side note, plese pray for this intention, the intention of my vocation to the DSMME, I'm going to their retreat to ask for papers in November.

God bless you! Love!

Coffee Catholic said...

We've had an odd summer here on the farm as well! The weather has been dreadfully cold. We lost most of our garden crop of turnips and broccoli and lost all of our purple brussel sprouts, beet and radish. Arrg! However, the weather finally broke and we were able to harvest our barley and put our cattle back outside. It's been a strange year! Hopefully your desert garden will fare well. If you try and avoid pesticide and weed sprays + artificial fertilizers that might help - these chemicals bind up and block the nutrients from getting into the plant. So even if you have lots of good stuff in the soil the plant wont get it! If you need weed control put a sheep or goat on your garden! They'll devour the weeds and leave little fertilizer gifts behind hehe! We have a flock of 100+ sheep for our weed control - we bought 65 of them the other day JUST when the sheep market crashed. Go figure hah! GOD BLESS!!!! -Michelle Therese,on a farm, Scotland

PlainCatholic said...

Your computer cat is the spitting image of Jasper, one of our 8 cats on our wee farm! This blog of yours is grand and am thoroughly enjoying the reading of it. God bless you all and protect you. May your apostolate flourish for the Glory of Jesus' Name.
Plain Catholic in the Mountains