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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Touring with the Poor Clares

Why are Srs Augustine Marie and Marie St Paul smiling so BIG? They are thinking of their trip 'Down Under'. Yes, these two 'wanna be' Aussies will be accompanying our Friars to World Youth Day in July and spending the week with our beloved Pope Benedict. Their joy and excitement are contagious...so much so that we three staying home feel like we're going too, except we don't have to suffer the 14-hour plane ride. Let us accompany our two sisters and all those attending from all over the world. Australia or BUST!

In early June, Srs. Marie Andre and Esther Marie made a trip back east, D.C. to be exact, for a PCPA Association meeting. The meeting included a couple sisters from each of our houses in the states. Not only was it a tremendous experience to share with our sisters our life of Eucharistic Adoration, as we had two meetings daily, but to pray and enjoy fellowship with them was a blessing beyond measure.

While we were in DC, we took the opportunity to visit some friends and visit some of the historical places dear to our hearts. We of course visited Arlington National Cemetery, and made a stop at the Vietnam Memorial. Above you can see us pointing to the name of Fr Vincent Capodanno, chaplain for the Marines who was gunned down while administering the Last Rites to one of his men. One of heroes in the Faith. In the next photo, you see Sr Marie Andre passing some time with Mother Vicar and Sr Marie St John, two of our sisters from Hanceville. In the next photo, you can meet "The Crocker's". Harry is a good friend and an author extraordinaire. To name a few "Triumph -A History of the Catholic Church" (a MUST read!), "Robert E Lee on Leadership" (a personal FAVE!) and most recently a concise book on American history titled "Don't Tread on Me". Finally, last but not least, is our very good friend, Kelly Wilkinson, who took us on a tour of Monticello, the house of Thomas Jefferson.

Lastly, before I close, if you haven't already make sure you check out the 'revamped' vocation page on our website. It's full of info on our life as Poor Clares and includes each sister's vocation story. It's well worth the visit!

Well, I need to run, I hope not to be so tardy with my blogging in the future...pray for this procrastinator!

All my love and prayers
Sr Mary Blogger


Anonymous said...

Hey Sr. Mary (procrastinator)Blogger;
You are doing just fine girl. No worries. You guys are super busy and looks like you'all are having a blast doing it. That must have been a wonderful trip to DC. And yes, even though I'm older I'm jealous of you guys going to World Youth Day. That's an awesome trip and to see our wonderful Pope.
You guys keep up the terrific job that you are doing and don't let this heat get you down too much. God Bless, Lisa & Shadow

Anonymous said...


Since beginning this new foundation you have not had an enclosure and have had the freedom to travel, leave the monastery, ext. How has this changed you? Will it be difficult to go back to being cloistered?

Anonymous said...

I hear a new order is starting in Texas also! God bless them also in their new beginnings.

To the previous poster, although comtempaltive nuns are usually cloistered, Mother Angelica and many of her nuns traveled to other places, met the pope, other nuns,had retreats, etc. Maybe they will touch on this, but I think there is always some that have to shop and do other work.

Son said...

Just wanted to thank you all for shouting the Gospel from the rooftops of the world through this blog, and more importantly, for sharing the gospel through the contemplation and quiet of prayer and adoration.

God love you and bless you.

Monica said...

I am so glad you are coming down here for WYD-finally I can meet you!
I'm going to go pour through the wyd youth festival page for any events the friars (and you sisters!) will be at so I can finally, finally meet you!
-long time web/blog viewer/PCPA supporter from Australia

Anonymous said...

Hallo Sisters!

It is the nice blog.
God bless you in building a new Monastery.

Bernie said...

Hi, Sisters!
I'm so happy for you 2 sisters going to WYD! Please don't forget to offer up your joys there!
And you sisters that are going to stay home, thank you for your sacrifice!
I was happy to see your new post!
God bless!
Love and prayers,

Sarah from Illinois said...

Dear Sisters,
How exciting that you are able to attend WYD!! I wish I had money to donate to you for the trip expense, but since I do not, I will be praying for you all. WYD Denver 1993 changed the direction of my life, and now at age 32 I finally realize it. Let's pray that the same will happen for those in attendance. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Sister Marie St. Paul;
Just got done reading your first article about Paul. Loved it. I am with the way you used to be about Paul. He really hasn't stuck out to me. But maybe it's time to take a better look. Thanks for bringing that point out. I really thought that last quote was really good. Have a blast on your trip, I know you will and Sister Augustine Marie too. Will make sure to pray extra for you guys that all goes well.
You guys have the best website.

Lisa & Shadow

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best!Just wait until you find out in the next life, all the good you have done.....

Anonymous said...

This is my first experience with blogging. I guess I'm surprised that the desert nuns are on the cutting edge of the 21st century. WWJD? I guess he would be blogging to spread the Good News. Good for you and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Am anxiously waiting to hear how the trip "down under" went. Watched some on TV and it looked very exciting!

Anonymous said...

I have a question - Why do you, & others, go to Italy or Spain or Germany for your sculptures/statues?? There are many sculptors here in the U.S. who would be VERY HAPPY to custom sculpt good classical pieces for you - without outrageous shipping prices. I saw a fantastic St. John the Baptist the other day. How about "MADE IN THE U.S.A."? a sculptor

Anonymous said...

dear sisters,
Ive been looking for a statue of the blessed mother so i was wondering if Alexander had a website or a number or somthing please post it thank you.