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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Triduum at Our Lady of Solitude Monastery 2009

Below is a little video we put together to share with you our Easter at OLS. We were blessed to have a Maryknoll Missioner here with us - Fr. Kevin Hanlon  It was a truly blessed and holy time!  We hope you enjoy the video!  Will blog again soon!



Amos2526 said...


your blog is feel good


Anonymous said...

When you click play it tells me that it's a private video and nothing else happens!

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the video either.
Hope you Easter was great.

Lisa & Shadow

Desert Nuns said...

Hi all! Sorry about the video not working...I think we got it up and running now. Try it again and let me know. Many thanks, Sr. Blogger

Anonymous said...

I could see it now...thank you, that was a nice treat. (great singing too!)
The dogs looked happy, do you still have the 'mice catchers"?


Philip Gerard Johnson said...

Ad Orientem and "Vidi Aquam"...great combination! :)

Lilly said...

Loved the video, Sisters! Thank you!

Fr. Cliff Bishop said...