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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More news bits for you to enjoy!

The Nun Run has made the news today!  The Examiner, an online news magazine, featured a WONDERFUL article by Torie Cooper.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  If so, be sure to leave an encouraging comment for Torie!  It's fantastic to see our life and mission so accurately represented.  Thanks, Torie!  Here the link for this article: The running Nuns!

Also, AZ Family's Good Morning Arizona covered the event this morning.  Below you can get a peak at that.  It seems like everyone has heard of the Nun Run via the news! 

Sr. Esther was putting gas in the truck and a guy at that station yelled over to her: "Are you running the 10K?"  He had just watched the feature on Good Morning Arizona...then ran into Sister!  He knew all about our project as well.  What a wonderfully positive experience this has been - not only for the FUN of the Nun Run, and not only for our exposure and fund-raising efforts, but also for the community.  Everyone is beginning to catch on as to why we are here: TO ADORE OUR LORD AND TO PRAY FOR YOU! 



Anonymous said...

No one is commenting on the vidos. Must be cuz they're so great no one can find the words or.... they're all out getting geared up for "THE NUN RUN". Hope it's a GRRRReat success!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sisters! Good Luck! I pray y'all have a FFANTASTIC turnout!

prays from Alabama!!!