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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thanks for the prayer for the retreat...

To all of you who were praying for the success of our retreat, THANK YOU.  It was a wonderful time of prayer and silence…and with Fr. Emmerich’s great sense of humor…we had some good laughs too :)

Things at the building site are moving along nicely.  The Sisters went out for a construction meeting on March 2nd.  The mock up of the stone and the roof tile is coming along nicely.  We are still adjusting the color of the roof tile, but hope to have it nailed down soon enough. 

Now that the masonry work is nearly completed the progress doesn’t SEEM to be going so quickly.  But in fact, things are still moving along at a good clip!  They just finished the wall of the vestry and will continue to work on this area of the Chapel for a bit – finishing the masonry work around the adoration choir very soon. 

It’s all very exciting.  Other exciting news surrounds the NUN RUN.  The countdown has begun and registrations are pouring in.  The two nun-coordinators are hard at work…and deserve a break after March 20th.  They have been goin’ and goin’…and prayin’ and prayin’…It is really inspiring to see all that the Lord is accomplishing!

It's now too late to register...you still have some time! Don't wait too long - registration prices go up on March 6th at 6 p.m.!  

Also, just as an FYI, we have some families registering the whole crew.  Isn't that WONDERFUL!  We've received some questions about children participating - YES, bring the kids!  It's a family event.  So the more the merrier :)


Anonymous said...

What an inspiration to see the construction of your glorious monastery! How pleased the Lord must be with you. God Bless you and may you receive many more vocations.

The Strawberry Mallard said...

Dear Sisters I do so love visiting your blog. Bless you for all that you continue to do......so happy to hear that the retreat was a success. You all deserve it!

Hugs, Nancy & Angus
Angus loves your westies :o)