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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A good STATE of mind as March 12th approaches

OK - so we are in a really good STATE of mind as registrations come pouring in for Nun Run 2011! Be sure to register soon.  For all you shadow runners/walkers, be sure to register no later than March 2nd to ensure that you get your t-shirt and race number mailed to you in time for race day on the 12th. 

The Nun Run Challenge has been heeded by some (and to those some, we send a shout out of THANKS and YAHOO and WAY TO GO) - and we now proudly announce that the following new States that are on the Nun Run Map:
South Dakota

OK, folks, Nun Run is only 2 weeks away and we only need 8 more states to be represented to make it an 'all-American' event in every sense of the word.  So to all of you in the following states, please sign up soon!!!!
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Then each state in our country will have be represented in the 2nd annual nun run!!!  We will keep you posted on the Nun Run Challenge progress!


Anonymous said...

UNITED WE STAND, the remaining 8 States,Just Do It, join the fun,this is what makes our Nation Great!!

Lady L said...

Did you know, a "Nun Run" here in New England can mean a group of women discerning a vocation going from convent to convent over a weekend to participate and get information. I know you all are going to be wildly successful what with Doug being on the ground.

JOYfilled Family said...

Thank you for coordinating this blessed event.  Team ALL FOR! looks forward to running with you (as a shadow running team).

I am all yours, and all I have is yours. I welcome you into all my affairs and concerns. Show me your heart, O Mary. ~ St. Louis de Montfort

Desert Nuns said...

OK everybody...got some good news. VERMONT and RHODE ISLAND are on the Nun Run Map!!! Only 10 days before the event, and only 5 states to go!!!

To Lady L - yes, we have heard about the "Nun Run" in the context you mentioned. It's interesting because part of our hopes for our Nun Run is that in a round-about way it will be a vocation-inspiring event. A chance for young women to interact with us and get to know us...keep this intention in your prayers.

And to Team ALL FOR - WOW...I love your name and am so very grateful for you support!

Catherine said...

Good luck Sisters and God bless!

Desert Nuns said...

Way to be South Carolina and Delaware. One week and one day till nun run...and only four states yet to join in: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Utah!