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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Sisters are HOME!

To all of you who viewed EWTN's Life on the Rock...didn't the Sisters do a wonderful job!  We're so proud of them.  Miss the Show?  No worries...here's a link to watch on EWTN's YouTube channel

We had a wonderful response from the show - over 2500 hits on the website in 2 days!  It actually overloaded our server.  So if you were having problems getting through to our site or registering for the Nun Run, we are so sorry.  All is well now.  So please revisit the site and register today for the Nun Run!

In addition to being on Life on the Rock, Sr. Marie St. Paul and Sr. Esther Marie spent some wonderful days with our Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.  What a great few days to catch up and enjoy the company of our beloved Sisters in Alabama.  In the slideshow below, you can enjoy photos of some of the sisters there. 

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Kimberly said...

Such an inspirational segment! So glad the site's up and running again--I just registered for the second annual Nun Run, A Good Habit!