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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK everyone - Tomorrow is not only Ash Wednesday (happy lent everyone, a more spiritual post about this holy season will be forthcoming!), but it is also the day on which the Sisters will appear on Fox & Friends.  

This is the latest that we have heard:   The Show runs begins 6:00am EST.  And they do not time delay - so that means it comes on at 4 am here in AZ.  Now the Sisters are slotted to appear at 6:30 EST (which unfortunately is 4:30 Arizona time).  So set your TIVO and be sure to watch it when you get out of bed.  And say a prayer that the Lord will bear much fruit for His Kingdom and for the construction of the monastery through this appearance!!


Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing the tapings on California time zone and what channels if any?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fox and Friends is on the Fox News channel at 6 am EST - which would translate to 3 am. Your best bet is to tape it...unless you are a really really early riser!!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Fox & Friends this morning. I was very impressed with your running skills and hope to one day run the Nun Run with you. I live too far away (Minnesota) to be able to participate this year but maybe another year. Keep up the good work and have FUN at this year's Nun Run.