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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Von Hildebrand's Transformation in Christ

A meditation from Sr. Mary Fidelis on Von Hildebrand's TRANSFORMATION in CHRIST:
One of my favorite books to come back to again and again is Dietrich von Hildebrand's Transformation in Christ. Here is a sampling of the chapter titles: Contrition, True Simplicity, True Freedom, Holy Patience, Holy Mercy, True Surrender of Self. But the first chapter that must be read and ruminated before any of the others are undertaken is: THE READINESS TO CHANGE. This is the prerequisite necessary for any transformation.

Von Hildebrand states very confidently: "All true Christian life must begin with a deep yearning to become a 'new man' in Christ, and an inner readiness to 'put off the old man' - a readiness to become something fundamentally different."  What a challenge! Sometimes when facing my own faults or character flaws, I work on changing this or that. Such work usually bears little lasting fruit, because it's still caught up in the self, it's not about letting our Lord accomplish His work of sanctification.

Yes, to allow my character as a whole to be transformed by Him...this is a challenge indeed. And this is what is meant by a READINESS TO CHANGE, a readiness for a fundamental change. TRANSFORMATION!

Think of this idea of TRANSFORMATION as a spotlight shining out from the Heart of Christ. It's His love that radiates this light. But we must allow the Light to rest upon us. The light can be startling, as it circles the globe searching for ready hearts. It can be scary to allow this light to rest on us because all of our flaws are exposed. Sometimes we may think: "Let me fix some of these flaws first, then I will bask in the light of God's love." Ah, but that's not how it works. It's never about US accomplishing - it's about us corresponding to the transforming love of Christ. It's about this LIGHT doing the work of TRANSFORMATION. It's about us simply bearing a READINESS TO CHANGE, a willingness to allow the light to rest upon us, a willingness to be fundamentally transformed!

Also the Pentecost Novena is in full swing! Let us beg for a share in all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS!!!

(below is my favorite translation of the Veni Sancte Spiritus - so good to meditate on as we prepare for Pentecost!)
Holy Spirit, Lord of light,
From Thy clear celestial height
Thy pure beaming radiance give.

Come, Thou Father of the poor,
Come with treasures which endure,
Come, Thou Light of all who live.

Thou, of all consolers, best,
Thou, the soul's delightsome Guest,
Dost refreshing peace bestow.

Thou in toil art comfort sweet,
Pleasant coolness in the heat,
Solace in the midst of woe.

Light immortal, Light Divine,
Visit Thou these hearts of thine,
And our inmost being fill.

If Thou take Thy grace away,
Nothing pure in man will stay;
All his good is turned to ill.

Heal our wounds; our strength renew;
On our dryness pour Thy dew;
Wash the stains of guilt away.

Bend the stubborn heart and will;
Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
Guide the steps that go astray.

Thou, on those who evermore
Thee confess and Thee adore,
In Thy sevenfold gifts descend:

Give them comfort when they die,
Give them life with Thee on high;
Give them joys that never end.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

I hope that you are not in any danger from the terrible wildfires that are afflicting Arizona. I would hate to think that you had to evacuate and lose the newly dedicated chapel!

Please let us know that you're not in the 'line of fire'!

Barb in NY

Desert Nuns said...

Thank you for your concern. We are safe from the wildfires, which are to the East of us. Let us keep those in harms way and the firefighters in our prayers.

petite fleur said...

Praying for your safety sisters!

A Blessed Pentecost Sunday to you all!

Receive the Holy Spirit with an open heart and Believe!

May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts always..as I know,Indeed, your hearts are now overflowing with such wonderful graces!

God bless you always dears sisters.

Advance Happy Feast of St.Anthony of Padua! Holy one, Pray for us!

Pax et Bonum

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God that you're not in harm's way!

Praying for rain-I know it's been very dry out in the Southwest!

We're getting tons of rain here in the East-you need it more than we do!

Barb in NY

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV today - and have put you in my 'favorite places'so I can follow your progress and activities!! Praying for your success as you build your monastery in Tonopah!! Jean

Jose del Espiritu, OCDS said...

This is one of the best books on the spiritual life. I cannot forget von Hildebrand's expression "in conspectu Dei".

Thank you for renewing our interest on this classic of the spiritual life.

Anonymous said...

i was so impressed how your religious works shine.....to god be the glory.....!couples for christ in k.s.a.