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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Fall Foto Blog

There has been so much going on here at OLS that I've decided to tell all the stories via photos!

Unfortunately one event when totally unphotographed by the nuns.  Yes, much to my chagrin, I didn't take one single photo at the beautiful Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Bishop James Wall on September 24th.  To be honest, I was so excited that I forgot the camera!  So for those who attended, if you have any good shots, email them to us at vocations@desertnuns.com  It was wonderful to have Bishop Wall here - celebrating all the good things the Lord has accomplished here in Tonopah.  I fondly remember the first time he came to see the property back in 2006 - when it was first given to us.  Just a barren piece of desert...  Look what the Lord has done! - through the generosity of so many of His children.  It truly was a Mass of THANKSGIVING!!!!

At other some of our other events, though, I had camera in hand!  To begin: October 1st was our first ever Solitude and Service Day - part volunteer day, part day of prayer.  Providentially, this day fell on the Feast of St. Therese.  Surely she was interceding for all our participants...and helping them to find God's peace in the vocational/discernment journey!  It was a great success and lots of fun.  Below are lots of photos to enjoy:
Solitude and Service Day kicking off in the parlor

Work time!  The girls got Nun Run postcards and mailings ready to go!

While others helped Sr. Mary Fidelis plant some flowers

Angela planting a bougainvillea

Tara and Brianna planting Arizona Yellowbells

Lunch time in the Karol Kottage

Another view of Lunch time in the Karol Kottage

On to our next series of festivities which surrounded the celebration of the solemnity of Our Holy Father Francis.  On October 3rd, the vigil of the Feast, we remembered the death of St. Francis - reading an account of his passing, enjoyed a wonderful homily by Fr. Imbarrato (on retreat from NM), prayed first Vespers, and concluded with the veneration of the relic of St. Francis.

Phyllis and Cory venerating the Relic of St. Francis at the conclusion of the Transitus

The next day we were blessed to have three Priests at Mass for the celebration of St. Francis. Fr. Imbarrato celebrated as Fr. Jesus (from Phoenix) and Fr. Gordon (working in DC at the Apostolic Nunciature).  It was truly a glorious Mass!

Finally the glorious day ended with the St. Francis animal blessing!  What fun!!!!  Our two terriers are not very well behaved, so they had to get a separate blessing!  And boy did they need it - as anyone who has met them will agree ;) 
Our neighbor: Genie!

Fenrir the Corgy and Shea the Shar-pei

Rocky and Twinkers!

Sr. John-Mark Maria ECSTATIC that guinea pigs - her favorite animals - were present for the blessing!!!


Karen Williams said...

Glorious! Thanks for allowing us to enjoy - even if it's from a distance. Our prayers and blessings are with you beautiful sisters.
love and peace,

Tim Gronek said...

What a beautiful, wonderful site. I am so pleased God called you all to be here. May He continue to bless you dear Sisters. You are all in my prayers. Yours in Christ,

Tim Gronek

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Mass for St. Francis' Day--and done 'ad orientum' too! Cool!

Ah, a 'Blessing of the Beasties'! I know how you feel about rambunctious and misbehaving puppies (like your Percy and Fergus). I once had a Jack Russell terrier/ hound mix who was not very 'social' at the last Blessing of the Animals I attended here in Upstate NY. I had to keep a tight rein on my 'Tia' (that was her name)! She nearly got away from me when she twisted out of her collar and was momentarily loose!

I had to yell at her, 'TIA!', and she immediately went into a submissive posture, right flat on the ground. I got her collar back on with some help, and everything calmed down after that!

She got sick in late 2005, and I had to put her to sleep in early 2006. I miss her still....

Hope to see some new pics of Percy and Fergus some time!

Barb in NY