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Saturday, December 3, 2011

All she has, all she is, all she could be...

Today begins the Novena in preparation for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe...and the First Profession of Holy Vows of Sr. John-Mark Maria.  Please join our community in praying this beautiful Novena, adapted from a prayer by Bl. John Paul II.

I wish you could see my desk...actually, I'm really glad you can't see my desk!  It is cluttered with sheet music, rite books, our Constitutions, the new Missal, the ceremonial for the profession, and the beginnings of the worship aid for the public, materials to make Sister's Vow Card...and her Profession Cake, and so on and so forth.  Today is hopefully the day when I will be able to finish some of these preparations and begin others!

It is very exciting to witness Sister's joy in the face of this commitment and deeper dedication to Christ!  And all that it entails.  The richness of the Rite of Profession is evident in the beautiful verbiage of all prayers.   I wanted to share with you the Preface of the Mass of Profession from the new translation of the Missal:

"...He is the unblemished flower, Who sprang from the root of the Virgin and declared the pure of heart blessed, teaching by His way of life the surpassing worth of chastity.  He chose always to hold fast to what is pleasing to You and, becoming obedient for our sake even until death, He willingly offered Himself to You as a perfect and a fragrant sacrifice.  He consecrated to a fuller service of Your majesty those who for love of You leave all earthly things and promised they would find treasure in Heaven..."
 This sums it all up so beautifully, does it not?

The collect of the Mass is as follows: 
"O Lord, Who has inspired this our sister with the resolve to follow Christ more closely, grant her, we pray, a blessed end to the journey she now begins, so that she may be found worthy to offer You a perfect gift of loving service..."

What will Sister do on Decemeber 12th?  She will vow to God all she has (poverty), all she is (chastity), and all she could be (obedience).

Just recently, Sister admitted to a few butterflies fluttering around :) - right along side a growing excitement.  Let us keep her in our prayers as the big day approaches, and especially as she enters into her retreat of final preparation before Profession of Vows. 



Esther said...

Congratulations Sister! What a beautiful thing to witness such devotion to God. May our Heavenly Father bless you, His Precious Son Jesus Christ strengthen you, and the Holy Spirit make His presence known tangibly to you, as you approach this joyous occasion.

Anonymous said...

May the Holy Spirit take possession of our hands, voices and hearts that we may worthily contribute beautiful music in honor of Sr. John-Mark Maria's profession. We are humbly honored to serve at this Mass.
Roberta & Karen

Cindi from WI. said...

My prayers are with all of you daily, but most especially for Sr. John-Mark Maria as she prepares for this next big step in religious life. I wish I could be there, but alas, distance is a factor (it's a long way from Wisconsin to Arizona),
Don't wait too long to put up the pictures of this long-awaited day :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sr. John Mark! May God bless you in this very special time. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I love you all sisters and I hope you have a wonderful Advent and Christmas!
Tori A. Schmidt...a.k.a..Sr. Marie Celine's sister...a fellow PCPA in AL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations in advance to Sister John-Mark Maria on her First Profession Day!

Barb in NY