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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ordinary Things

I came across a great quote during my spiritual reading today.  So great, in fact, that I wanted to share it with all of you, our faithful blog readers.  I hope you enjoy these words of wisdom as much as I did!  They were written by a favorite author, Caryll Houselander:

 "Without being under any necessity to do so in His glorified body, Christ did ordinary things.  He walked and talked and ate with men, built a little fire, and cooked for them, comforted them, and renewed their faith, but not by compelling them to be shocked into faith - even by the shock of joy - but by approaching each one individually through the individual's own mentality and temperament.

He used the same means as before - words, kindness, going on a journey, setting His pace to the pace of the others, accepting their invitations, preparing food for them with His own hands, and that most wonderful and simplest way of all, the breaking of bread, the giving of Himself sacramentally.

He was showing men how they were to go on living His Risen Life all through time.  They were to give Him to one another, and as simply as He gave Himself, through words and kindness, through their work and friendship, through learning one another's mind and heart and approaching each one separately, through accepting and leavening the sorrow of the world by the interchange of their Christ-love.  Above all, by sacramental Communion with Him, in which they are made one."


Karen B said...

That was truly lovely. Which book did that come from?

Your blog is always a source of inspiration and joy for me. I am on a journey rediscovering my Catholic roots and you all inspire me to reach out for the Saviour in a real and practical way.

Anonymous said...

Sister, what a wonderful quote and an inspiring picture to go with it. He truly meets us where we are. Praised be to the Spirit that inspired you to share it!

Anonymous said...

A very inspiring quote, Sister, and the pictures really help bring it home.

Desert Nuns said...

Hey there Karen, It is from her book called GUILT. It is no longer in print - and it is very difficult to find an available copy. But it is a very good read. She has a real way with words. Will try to share more quotes soon! So happy to hear of your journey of 'rediscovering' our beautiful Catholic roots! Glad we are a 'traveling companion' on this journey! Peace, the Nuns